Privacy statement Version 1.01 (1 April 2017)

  1. Scope and acceptance of the Privacy Statement
  • Use of the HappyCare website is only possible if the user shares certain data with the company. Some of this data can be potentially classified as ‘personal data’ (information with which the user can be identified, directly or indirectly).
  • The company will always treat any personal data the user entrusts to it with the utmost care. This of course means that all processing of this data will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Belgian and European law concerning the protection of personal data.
  • The user acknowledges that the use of the website implies that certain data are provided and will refrain from using the website if he does not wish this data to be processed. By accepting this statement (required for registration on the HappyCare website), the user gives his explicit consent to the data processing described in this statement.
  • The company reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time.
  1. Personal data
  • The collected personal data of the user will, in principle, be limited to the data necessary for the identification and authentication of the user, as well as for tailoring the data and exercises to the individual user. This personal data may include:
    • the first name and the surname of the user;
    • the age of the user;
    • the sex of the user;
    • the language knowledge of the user;
    • the educational level of the user;
    • the data the user provides to us voluntarily regarding his well-being and resilience.
  • The personal data may be collected in various ways. First and foremost, the user communicates this data to the company voluntarily. In addition, certain data may be collected through the use of the website and the exercises offered on the website.
  1. Responsibility for processing
  • The responsible party for processing the personal data is Pulso Europe cvba, Diestsesteenweg 52, 3010 Leuven (Belgium).
  • The company reserves the right to outsource the processing to a third party, whereby this third party shall process the data in accordance with the relevant Belgian and European regulations and with the principles set out in this Privacy Statement. However, in no case shall the data be sold or made available to third parties for any other purpose.
  1. Nature and purpose of the processing
  • The personal data provided by the user will be kept and used by the company.
  • The purpose of this processing is to be able to identify and authenticate the user, to allow for the user's desired use of the HappyCare website and to tailor the functions of the HappyCare website to the individual user.
  • The data may also be used for scientific or statistical purposes, as well as for optimising the website. To the extent that the data are no longer relevant for the purposes mentioned in article 4.2, the data will be anonymised for their use in accordance with article 4.3.
  1. Right of access and correction
  • The user has the right to access the data relating to him and also has the right to correct these data. To do this, the user may, in accordance with the legal provisions, submit a request to the company as the responsible party for the processing.
  • The user also has the possibility to easily view and correct his data via ‘My profile’.
  1. Use after anonymisation
  • The company reserves the right to, after anonymising them, also use the data provided for the following purposes: website optimisation, use for scientific research purposes, compiling statistics and reports.
  • The data provided will not be kept in a form in which identification of the user is possible for longer than is necessary to meet the purposes described above.